2016 Industrial Chiller Trends That Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Industrial Chiller

It’s a New Year — the perfect time to consider new HVAC upgrades. Whether you use an air-cooled chiller, industrial water chiller, or a combination, these five industrial chiller trends could impact your bottom line, in a good way.

  1. Construction is Booming — and so is the HVAC Industry.

The economy is recovering from the recession, and construction is playing catch up. We’re seeing big growth in residential and commercial construction, which means new HVAC installations are on the rise. Construction growth is generally good for consumers. As more companies move to smart HVAC systems, prices may decrease.

  1. Smarter Thermostats are Improving Efficiency — and Convenience.

In an online poll from www.achrnews.com, 18 percent of survey respondents listed use of smart thermostats among the biggest industry trends of 2015. Programmable thermostats have been around for decades — but the latest smart thermostats allow you to do much more than program the temperature. You can adjust settings remotely, program your industrial chiller to regulate operation based on to motion, and alert you if someone tampers with your controls. Best of all, you can do it from any computer, smart phone or tablet with an Internet connection.

  1. Integrated Controls Put You in Control.

Do more than ever with one device. The newest smart building management systems merge many equipment types, including air-cooled chiller or industrial water chiller usage, lighting, door and gate locks, employee login / logout information, and more.

  1. 4. Smarter Maintenance Alerts Keep Facility Managers Informed.

HVAC service providers like Oklahoma Chiller already schedule preventative maintenance for their customers. But now, you can exercise even greater control over your system with diagnostic reports that allow you to track operations, and find problems faster. Some systems allow maintenance providers to log into your system remotely, saving time and money, and improving system performance.

  1. PACE Funding Makes it Possible to Upgrade Faster.

The property-assessed clean energy (PACE) program allows state and local governments to fund energy improvements to commercial and residential property owners. Funds must be paid back over time, but the financing allows owners to begin making upgrades sooner, without large up-front cash payments.

These are the biggest industrial chiller trends we’re seeing for 2016 — but we want to hear what’s new with your HVAC system. Need repair or maintenance? Considering new construction? Ready to upgrade your industrial water chiller? We want to help. Give Oklahoma Chiller a call at 918-585-9766.

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