Oklahoma Chiller helps goes big to bring down temperatures

OkChiller Large Cooler

Fixing Buzbie’s broken tooth requires more than a simple trip to the dentist. There is, of course, getting an appointment for the dentist — an-out-of-town specialist — to make a house call, as well as an air-conditioning specialist. Buzbie, 36, isn’t your garden-variety dental patient. He is a white rhino weighing in at about 4,000 […]

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2016 Industrial Chiller Trends That Will Affect Your Bottom Line

Industrial Chiller

It’s a New Year — the perfect time to consider new HVAC upgrades. Whether you use an air-cooled chiller, industrial water chiller, or a combination, these five industrial chiller trends could impact your bottom line, in a good way. Construction is Booming — and so is the HVAC Industry. The economy is recovering from the […]

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Focus on Efficiency with Smart HVAC Systems

industrial chiller

Let’s face it: buying an industrial chiller is not the most exciting aspect of a commercial property manager’s job. Most facility managers don’t invest in HVAC until an existing air-cooled chiller or industrial water chiller fails. Then, the instinct is to go with the cheapest, quickest fix. However, an inefficient system could cost thousands more […]

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Leading with Loyalty – OK Chiller Seeking Value Driven Staff

Here at Oklahoma Chiller, we are known for our loyalty to our customers. But that genuine loyalty isn’t something that just magically manifests because it’s been written into our mission statement. It is practiced. It is preached. And it is real, because it starts from the top down. Loyalty to our customers begins with loyalty […]

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Hot HVAC Apps to Help You Keep Your Cool and Chaos Under Control

hvac mobile apps image

  Staying constantly tethered to work via your smartphone or tablet can be both a blessing and a curse. But considering how little time you likely spend at a desk, those devices can prove to be your most valuable assistant. With today’s innovative mobile technology, it’s never been easier to keep tabs on your facility’s […]

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How a Rental or Retrofit HVAC System Can Save Your Facility Thousands

Rental Retrofit HVAC unit

If you contend with failing or inefficient HVAC equipment but can’t afford an all-new unit, you’re in good company. And, you’re not stuck between buying a pricey replacement and praying for divine intervention. Turning to an HVAC retrofit or rental equipment can save money and eliminate a lot of headaches. In fact, a retrofit is […]

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Planned Chiller Maintenance: How To Get Your HVAC Summer-Ready

industrial chillers

With temperatures in Tulsa already hitting the upper-80s, you’ve got to make sure your commercial or industrial chillers can stand up to the coming summer swelter. Considering the perils of downtime – up to a month if a motor goes out – planned chiller maintenance is imperative. In fact, the No. 1 reason chiller motors […]

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Oklahoma Chiller’s Culture: Using HVAC to Touch Lives

It’s a mechanical business, but Oklahoma Chiller’s culture has humanized the HVAC industry, making it our mission to affect people in the most positive way possible by investing in their lives. From top to bottom, everyone on the Oklahoma Chiller team shares this philosophy. President and Founder of Oklahoma Chiller, John Claybourn explains how the […]

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Warren Place Customer Shares Experience with Oklahoma Chiller

building with trees

John Claybourn and the staff at Oklahoma Chiller have proved to be a valuable resource for me over the last ten years. My first experience came when John assisted in the overhaul of two Trane centrifugal chillers. Since then they have provided an assortment of services including cooling tower replacements, building management controls, HVAC repairs […]

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What To Do When Your Chiller Quits

What do I do when my chiller quits?

Chances are if you have a chiller, or you know what a chiller is – its functionality is vital to your organization and its employees. Here at Oklahoma Chiller, we believe our responsibility (and our calling) is to serve our community and our industry. One of the ways we like to do this is by […]

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