Focus on Efficiency with Smart HVAC Systems

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Let’s face it: buying an industrial chiller is not the most exciting aspect of a commercial property manager’s job.

Most facility managers don’t invest in HVAC until an existing air-cooled chiller or industrial water chiller fails. Then, the instinct is to go with the cheapest, quickest fix. However, an inefficient system could cost thousands more than a smart HVAC system in the long term. Smart HVAC systems can improve comfort, lower energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase efficiency by 20 to 40 percent, according to industry experts. Excited yet?

Here’s an overview of what a “Smart HVAC System” is, how it can improve efficiency, and how to get started designing yours.

What is a Smart HVAC System?

“Smart HVAC” can include a number of technologies — but the term generally refers to an HVAC system or component that improves efficiency through equipment, precise monitoring and automated controls. Components may include an efficient compressor and air handler, optimized ventilation and air supply, sensors to monitor and report usage, and a centralized building automation system (BAS) that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.

How Can Smart Technology Increase Efficiency?

Smart HVAC systems leverage information and technology to reduce energy usage, while improving system operation. For example, an industrial chiller system equipped with smart sensors can monitor different areas of a building and adjust settings to reduce temperature variability across the entire managed space.

It can also “learn” which areas require more heat or air than others, and calibrate settings. Some systems detect motion in rooms, and adjust temperatures when a room appears empty for a set period of time. Using one interface, users can control multiple industrial chillers, view comprehensive reports, and be alerted to repair or maintenance tasks.

How can I get started?

From equipment retrofits, to smart building controls, to construction services, to preventative maintenance, Oklahoma Chiller provides a range of services that can add intelligence to your system. Call at 918-585-9766 to request an energy audit, and find out how to make your system smarter — and more efficient — than ever.

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