How a Rental or Retrofit HVAC System Can Save Your Facility Thousands

Rental Retrofit HVAC unit

If you contend with failing or inefficient HVAC equipment but can’t afford an all-new unit, you’re in good company. And, you’re not stuck between buying a pricey replacement and praying for divine intervention. Turning to an HVAC retrofit or rental equipment can save money and eliminate a lot of headaches. In fact, a retrofit is frequently just 25 to 30 percent of the cost of a new unit.

Custom-fit retrofits cut costs, add flexibility

Retrofitting your HVAC system – installing new or modified parts – may allow your system to continue functioning without a complete, costly replacement. Upgrading existing equipment can extend the life of industrial chillers while improving their performance and reliability. A good provider will customize the retrofit solution to your specific environment and budget, ensuring the most practical, cost-effective upgrade plan.

A lot can change during the lifespan of most HVAC systems and components. Use a retrofit equipment upgrade to align your system with current and future needs. Accommodate greater demands on the facility infrastructure, and flux in tenants, reconfigured interiors, etc. without costly changes.

Boost energy efficiency and indoor air quality

The right HVAC retrofit solution for industrial chillers can reduce energy costs while enhancing comfort and indoor air quality. For example, you may be able to zap as much as 30 percent of your electricity usage using a variable frequency drive (VFD), or, reap savings from other climate control advances. Also factor in planned building projects that could impact cooling loads: Energy-efficient upgrades that reduce tonnage requirements cut equipment purchase costs, and operating and utility expenses.

Reduce downtime and required maintenance of an outdated system

High maintenance costs and needs often signal inefficient, failing or inadequate systems or components. Weigh the maintenance requirements and costs for the retrofitted system. Newer technology is typically more reliable and less expensive to maintain.

You’re not limited to the manufacturer’s channel

You may assume manufacturers buy parts cheaper, just offer their own brands, and simply plug in standard HVAC retrofit packages. A good commercial HVAC provider will put your interests first. Choose one with access to a variety of retrofit options or who can combine them to best satisfy your application. Retrofits can offer a much longer warranty than a new unit from the manufacturer, too.

Find relief in HVAC rental equipment

Renting industrial chillers provides reliability and low operating costs without a sudden big-ticket expense. A reliable short-term rental often makes the most sense while an existing unit is being repaired. Or, opt for a longer-term solution to manage cash flow and free up capital for other needs. Renting industrial chillers protects sensitive equipment and preserves productivity. Rentals also let you readily upgrade or downsize your chiller as your cooling needs evolve while receiving full coverage for wear and tear or damage.

Maintain mission-critical cooling

Temporary heating and cooling equipment is a key component in emergency preparedness planning. If equipment fails, HVAC rental equipment restores climate control within hours so critical operations can continue – imperative for 24/7 hospitals, medical centers, data centers and other essential facilities. That’s why you want a good relationship with a service provider who knows your facility to expedite restoration. Ideally, quick connections should already be installed and ready to accept cabling and hoses for rental units.

Event-driven solutions

Temporary chillers and other HVAC rental equipment affordably support special events and augment existing systems. You can also tap rental equipment while assessing your facility’s current or projected conditioned air needs. Work with a proven provider who understands your environment, application and requirements, and is adept at integrating temporary equipment.

Could an HVAC retrofit or rental equipment save money while solving the challenges of aging, inefficient industrial chillers? Let’s talk about your options and opportunities.

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