Leading with Loyalty – OK Chiller Seeking Value Driven Staff

Oklahoma Chiller is hiring HVAC workers

Here at Oklahoma Chiller, we are known for our loyalty to our customers. But that genuine loyalty isn’t something that just magically manifests because it’s been written into our mission statement.

It is practiced. It is preached. And it is real, because it starts from the top down.

Loyalty to our customers begins with loyalty to our staff. We show that loyalty by providing training, competitive wages, complete benefit packages, and going above and beyond to reward an exceptional performance. Our culture is built on the concept of blessing our employees, their families, and our community, every time we come into contact with them.

“I’ve had good experiences at all my previous places of employment, but this is something special. It is just the spirit of the company to try to help. It’s top-down, from owner to every employee. It’s a culture unlike anything I’ve seen before. From the benefits, to day-to-day activities, and on to the way we’re treated – it is a special place.” Todd Edwards, Senior Client Consultant

Our passion is providing innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We build each chiller to custom-fit our customer’s applications, and our energy efficient building control systems are specifically designed to further reduce utility costs. First and foremost, our customers needs and concerns are always a top priority.

We believe in doing our job right the first time, so we don’t have to come back for a second or third. We are looking for team players who understand the importance of hard work, good character, and share that same commitment to exceptional service.

If you (or someone you know) fits the qualifications above and is looking for an exciting career in the HVAC industry, check out our current job listings and fill out an application today. The OKC team looks forward to hearing from you!

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