New developments in chiller technology and design can greatly improve energy efficiency in the cooling of buildings and industrial processes. But the structural integrity of older facilities can be compromised as pipes and ducts are installed and heavy equipment is put into place for a retrofit or new chiller installation. Our engineering experts use the latest construction innovations, including mechanical strength and load testing, to ensure that your facility and its occupants are never at risk during the installation process. We can also conduct energy audits and provide comprehensive design and consulting services to ensure that we provide the right chiller solution for your needs.

We can provide individual or turnkey solutions to address all phases of the installation process, including:

  • Cooling load analysis, system design, and equipment selection
  • Evaluation of structural integrity for facility
  • Demolition of outdated parts, equipment and structural elements
  • Rigging and installation of new chiller or upgrades, such as piping, electrical wiring and controls
  • Checking and adjusting of all safety and operation controls at start-up

Every member of our team shares a firm commitment to safety, and we follow a highly disciplined approach to construction projects, conducting extensive due diligence before taking any action so there are no surprises. Installing a new chiller or retrofitting upgrades is a complex process that requires technical know-how and real-world experience to get it right. Our veteran supervisors manage the construction process closely, keeping the project schedule, quality, cost and safety requirements closely in check.

If energy costs and operational inefficiencies are a concern, let us provide you with an industrial chiller design or engineering solution that can deliver substantial savings over the long term. Call us today to discuss your construction project and get the added protection of engineering done right.